To My Lovely Readers: A Question

Chums, Chumettes, and others of assorted Chumliness, I am afraid this will not be a long post. There are a couple I am thinking about, and I will write them. But not tonight. Tonight, I am zonked from a looooong work day and feeling feelings toward my bed right now that can only be described as lustful.

But anyway. 

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behold the dramatic difference!

Why “Let It Go” is such a powerful song

I watched Frozen this morning. I absolutely loved it. It was visually stunning, funny, heartfelt, and I really liked how the “true love” cure-all was… ahh, I’d better not spoil. At least not before the convenient “read more” cut.

But it’s a particular moment from the movie I want to talk about today.

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All bigots owe their oxygen providers an apology.

People Love Being Bigots

A couple of days ago, a friend posted on Facebook about her mother saying rude things about what working class locals wear. Said friend went on to say that it was almost as though her mother forgets that she wasn’t always middle class.

It’s a fair point. It would be like me hypothetically losing a shit-tonne of weight, then saying rude things to people who were still fat.

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The only resolution worth making, really.

New Years Resolutions (dw, these ones are fun!)

I’m not much of a New Year’s Resolutions kind of girl. I read a post on This Is Thin Privilege (fellow fatties/people interested in fat discrimination, check this baby out, because it is awesome and so cathartic, and the mods are awesome) about a woman who’s going to be going back to uni and getting her life back on track, and some dickhead she knows actually said “that’s boring; what about weight loss resolutions”.

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How can you not love this? Ian McKellen being an evil bitch and Derek Jacobi taking umbrage. It's fabulous.

“Vicious” – a very special show.

Hey, how’s this for an idea? Get two older classically trained knighted actors, most well-known for such iconic roles as Claudius in “I, Claudius”, Magneto in the first three Xmen movies, countless adaptations of various Shakespeare productions, and, of course, GANDALF, who also happen to have been good friends for over half a century. Throw them in a cozy British home with not much more information other than that they have been gay lovers for 49 years, and say “be HYSTERICAL”.

To us lesser mortals, that probably would be a challenge. To Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi, however, it’s a piece of cake.

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There's a few of these floating around. I loved this one the most. I should make my own.

Being Comfortable In My Body

This follows on slightly from some of my previous posts on self-identifying ugliness, hair existing everywhere and being proud of jerking off. Since I am a fat activist and a lot of my blog posts concern issues of discrimination and self-acceptance in the stupid-arse face of discrimination (or at least, they are starting to – I haven’t had this particular blog for very long), talk of body pride comes up regularly, and now is as good a time as any to disclose some details of my journey to body acceptance. Because the weird thing is that, despite being fat, ugly and virginal* in a world of thin, beautiful, non-virginal people, I would say I’m more comfortable in my body than most of the people I know. Continue reading

It was a choice between this and a lady touching herself. I thought this was cuter.

It’s Good For Us, So Why Are We Ashamed?

I derive quite a lot of joy by identifying things that, unlike the rest of the world, are relatively black and white. Cats are always unambiguously cute, Sweden is an unambiguously awesome country, Big Brother makes for unambiguously shit television, I could go on.

I was musing on this the other day, and trying to work out whether or not there was such a thing as an unambiguously fabulous activity – one that is not only so enjoyable that you often cannot wait for the work day to end solely because you will then be able to engage in it, but also incredibly good for your health. Stress reducing, gets the blood pumping, can be done at your own pace, and with little chance of injury*. Something that you can engage in with other people, but can be enjoyed just as if not more readily by yourself.

So, let’s talk a bit about masturbation, shall we?

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